2016 is among us!!

Fiends, Romans, Revenants.....
2015 has passed by in the wink of a devil dogs eye. Memorable for many things. Some great, some not great in the slightest. It's hard to stay positivo, while 7th century lunatics attempt to take UK housewives back to a world of death, intolerance and slavery. But, so far, the looneytunes on the whole, have failed. We've done the Dark Ages so no need to go back to them. Memo yeah!!

Looking forward..... I am doing 9 shows around the UK and 1 worldwide webcast with Sam Sansbury, the cellist, week 3 & 4 of February 16. People who have heard and seen it, keep asking for us to do more and so we shall! If all goes to plan a new studio album "The Cello Suites" (uno) will be released to coincide with the tour.

Then there's some 8 or 9 SOD shows plotted the weeks before our rather excellent event 'Westworld Weekend' which this year takes place on Friday and Saturday May 6th & 7th in haven of The Box in Crewe. I have to say we are all really looking forward to this as ever, some special things are planned!

Following on, we may well see a handful of Dead Men Walking shows this summer......……………..

Spear of Destiny are currently booked to play at this Undercover Festival in Brighton and The Great British Alternative Music Festival in Skegness, a few more festivals have been offered which we are trying to work into every bodies busy schedules.

Then, something Stanley, John, Danny, Ade, Christophe and myself have been working on for years, a new Theatre of Hate album. This will be released towards the end of the year and will coincide with both UK and European shows. It's been 34 years since 'Westworld'. Slightly overdue. I'm extremely happy about the classic instrument sounds and the uniqueness of the songs and arrangements. I look forward to people's comments and thoughts. To say this albums release will be a career landmark for all of us, would be an understatement. For old lags like myself, Stanley and John, it's a return to real invention. 

And now, as 2016 really starts to kick in, check out the couple of little video's below this message, I wish you all health and jollity. 
To all of you who have struggled, and in some cases fought for your lives, to live is enough. The greatest reward. Enjoy it all.

Communication Ends.

Kirk 12/1/16

PS: I am informed that WW tickets are selling faster than ever and that less than 15 earlybird weekend tickets are left. 
Buy Yours Now Here. Full price weekend tickets will be on sale once these have sold out.